3D History for Ukraine

The main event is now over, but you still can donate to support the digitization and safeguarding of Ukrainian cultural heritage. We will provide the digitization solution soon!

Who we are

3D History for Ukraine is a measure to take care of Ukrainian heritage in response to cruel and unjust aggression caused by the invasion of russian army.

It is clear from the military actions in Ukraine that putin and his supporters aimed not to reach historical justice (distorted by their deluded views per se) but to erase Ukraine and Ukrainians from the European map. Our schools, museums and heritage sites are the points of interest for russian artillery and missiles.

These objects that embody our cultural and historical memories are of crucial importance: they should be visible, known and preserved both for Ukrainians and those who sympathize with us in our struggle all around the world.

Our event is a 2 sessions of 6 hours long stream on the archaeology and history of Ukraine and the whole Europe, new discoveries and challenges, features of their study and protection. It is a consolidated effort of historians all around the world to show more of the past, present and future of Ukraine and reflect on different topics of history that appeared to be one of the most practical sciences in the 21st century.

Our plan is to gather funding (up to 30.000 GBP) to purchase a handheld laser scanner for a fast and effective digitization of endangered cultural heritage in Ukraine. Right now this will help to preserve our unique artifacts. In a long run, they will become visible to the scholars and audience worldwide. We will create a transdisciplinary team that will take care of the fast digitization of Ukrainian heritage to safeguard it in virtual world, while the real one is under the constant shelling.

With this meeting where our unbelievable speakers share their passion for history we are trying to provide the qualitative shift in Ukrainian cultural and archaeological heritage recording. This will result in new equipment, applied to digitize and record Ukrainian heritage to prevent its irreversible loss and to help present the world more of the uniqueness and beauty of Ukrainian culture. We call on everyone to join us in enjoying the history we are providing, and to impact the preservation of Ukrainian heritage devastated by this senseless war.

Our initiative gathers the rock stars of historical, archaeological and political sciences from the whole Europe, such as: 


​Mykhailo Minakov — Political philosopher, senior advisor at the Wilson Center’s Kennan Institute

Mykhailo Videiko — Archaeologist, a world-acknowledged expert in Trypillian culture and Ukrainian Eneolithic

Marko Robert Stech — Writer, literary scholar, and specialist in the history of Ukrainian culture. Director of the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies Press, University of Toronto

3D History for Ukraine features world rock stars in history, archeology and heritage science

How it works

History For Ukraine is live streamed through YouTube.

Step 1: Go to the 3D History for Ukraine YouTube channel

Step 2: Hit ‘subscribe’ button

Step 3: Click on the bell and select ‘all’ to receive all notifications from the channel


During and after the livestream,  use our GoFundMe page to give to the DEC Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal.



Yes, please. Head on over to our GoFundMe page.

The donations from Ukraine are driven though the Monobank system.

Finally this can be done through the Paypal transfer.


It is definitely best to watch the event live as much as possible. For a short while (up to 48 hours maximum) replays will be available, but these will be deleted to protect the Intellectual Property of the speakers.


The money donated to our GoFundMe page will be used to purchase a handheld 3D laser scanner equipment that will be used by a team of Ukrainian archaeologists for the urgent recording of archaeological heritage objects in Ukraine. The approximate price of that solution is 30.000 GBP.


You can keep up with the latest news, speaker schedule and event updates, plus watch the live stream on the day via our Twitter account: @3DHUkraine

For the best viewing experience, we recommend watching via the 3D History for Ukraine YouTube channel.